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The pre-miRNA of MI0000087
EMBL AJ421751
RFAM mir-29
Accession no
Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens miR-29a stem-loop
Genomic Location
7 : 130212046 - 130212109 : -
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Pre-miRNA length
64 nt
miR-29a was previously know as miR-29 here and in [1]. This sequence maps to human chromosome 7.
2nd structure
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bta-mir-29c mdo-mir-29b mdo-mir-29a
The mature miRNA of MI0000087
Mature name
Mature sequence
Tissue specificity
Bead-array microRNA expression profile
MicroRNA Expression Profiles Classify Human Cancers
  Nature 435, 834-838(9 June 2005)

QPCR microRNA expression profile


Target genes
ENST00000321423 (targeted by hsa-miR-29a, predicted by TargetScan)
Cyclin-L2 (Paneth cell-enhanced expression protein). [Source:Uniprot/SWISSPROT;Acc:Q96S94]
ENST00000344606 (targeted by hsa-miR-29a, predicted by TargetScan)
Cyclin-L2 (Paneth cell-enhanced expression protein). [Source:Uniprot/SWISSPROT;Acc:Q96S94]
ENST00000377565 (targeted by hsa-miR-29a, predicted by TargetScan)
Calmodulin-binding transcription activator 1. [Source:Uniprot/SWISSPROT;Acc:Q9Y6Y1]
The reference
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