First, Welcome to miRNAMap. Here, A step-by-step introduction to miRNAMap website, You can click to browse every subject, or choose search keywords.

And you also can choose , input keywords for miRNAs, or gene name.

Then you can gain detail information.

We introduct miRNAMap by six subjects : introduction, applications, developers of miRNAMap, softwares, databases and reference. In introduction, we show why and how we develop miRNAMap,
then we supply what applications miRNAMap can give to user. Here also show softwares, database
(click to view detailed info and link to their websites). The following graph displays webpage and separates six sections.

Here divide into two major parts for user to browse : miRNA and miRNA targets. You can browse
   whether miRNAs or miRNA targets, and choose species which one you would like. Besides, we add
   known targets for user to browse.

Choose of known miRNAs, the result includes two parts. First, you can click Rfam or
   miRNAMap prediction to gain all validated miRNAs or predicted miRNAs on chromosomes.
    Second, you can see detailed informartion in text.

Click to browse all validated miRNAs on chromosomes. Here show known
   miRNAs on chromosome in graph (click to browse info of them). We also show info when you move mouse
   on cytobands.

Besides, you can choose to browse transcripts targeted by known miRNAs. After entering,
   user can choose three parts to browse.First, search one or all miRNAs which target to transcript.
   Second, user can choose chromsomes to browse. Third, browse from melocular function, which divided into
   four parts here.

When you choose ,you can get all information of predicted miRNAs that bind to this transcript, and view a complete photograph that shows binding locations on transcript simultaneously. If you want more exhaustive data, click more.

If you choose , we only show all cytobands, not show transcripts here (because there are too many
   transcripts and it's not convenient for user to click). Browse transcripts which are targted by miRNAs,
    please click cytobands.

If you choose , we show all related activities which can link to trasncripts targeted by miRNAs.

Here, you can search from three parts : keywords, miRNAs/Targets on Chromoses or in Gene Group.

We show statistics of four classes (speices, location, source, evidence).

We divide data into two parts : miRNAs and miRNA targets. How to get miRNAMap data? It's very simple. First, decide what data you want. Second, read "Explain" to understand contents in every file. Then click "Filename".

Dear user, if you meet any problem, please contact with:

National Chiao Tung University, NCTU.